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June 19, 2007



Debt financing especially for the poor countries has been increasingly high. If only the Donor countries could change their style of helping the developing nations,it would be great. I believe time is nigh that they should be offering material support to leaders since they have proven unfit to handle financial support which they only use for their personal gains. It would therefore be wise for the rich nations and individuals to give the finacial help to individuals if not groups who have shown their willingness to promote and contribute to the development of their Countries. This will in turn make it easy for the donors to minimize their funding to countries since most of the citizens will be in a position to support themselves in terms of resources.
Businesses will be established,infrastructure will be improved and the youth will be creative and constructive and thus there will be less to minimal cases of drug abuse,thuggery etc. In a show of leadership,I would like to champion drastic development inmy coutry and help most of my fellow youth realise their potential. I therefore reach out to the Billionares and Millionares around the world,to help finance my success dream with the sum of One Million Dollars or more.This will by no means contribute greatlly to this mission and spread the kind of message desired to attain the millenium goals. I can be linked through my address which is [email protected] for comments and sugestions. Thank you all.

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